Franz Königsberger

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Franz Königsberger

Germany & Austria

A passionate sneakerhead, an avid gamer and a connoisseur of high-quality products, Franz is a bartender at Jack Rabbit bar, Austria.

His journey started five years ago driven by curiosity and creativity, and nurtured by the close-knit bar community. T-G-T tells Franz's past one and a half years story, after having quit his bartending job to pursue his thirst of getting creative with cocktails and further delving into wine in a family-owned vineyard in Germany. T-G-T stands for: time, grapes and tequila. Time represents the time spent on learning and creating during lockdown. Grapes embody one of Franz's greatest passions as well as the base for almost all ingredients in his Perfectionists drink. All, except the final T: tequila. Just as for wine, the production of a fine tequila such as Patrón depends on many crucial factors soil, climate, traditional harvesting and distilling methods, and culture.

His cocktail creation is based on this connection, showcasing the fantastic craftsmanship of a regional product such as wine and bring it together with another piece of heritage from the other side of this planet, bridging a geographical distance through a like-minded ethos. Eventually, T-G-T also stands for togetherness, a value that fosters heritage and community.

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Winning cocktail: T-G-T
45ml Patrón Silver
15ml Riesling dry
20ml Martini Prosecco syrup
4-8 dashes white wine vinegar
Flower garnish

The drink is thrown.

Ingredients in the shaker, ice to it, strainer on and throw :)

The drink needs a lot of air to develop perfectly and increases in complexity with temperature.

Yes, the syrup is "homemade" and yes, I am aware that this may lead to a deduction of points, although the underlying idea is more based on sustainability.

Because almost every bar has an open sparkling wine that is either sold by the glass or used as a filler / fizz for drinks. It can happen that there is something left in the bottle that can no longer be used optimally for drinks (loss of carbonic acid) so that it does not have to be wasted, you simply boil it with a little sugar and you have a great product is versatile (also for non-alcoholic drinks).

750ml Prosecco
100g sugar
Boil down together, reduce by about half and ready, everyone should be able to do it.