Glendon Hartley

Glendon Hartley

USA - East

Winning cocktail: Melipona Cinchona
2oz Gin Basket infused Patrón Silver (Juniper & Coriander)
0.25oz Local Honey-Raspberry Tonic
Carbonated Cinchona Tea: Virginia Raspberries, George Washington University Honey, Salt
Half a lime

Method: Chill Copa de Balon Glass, add carbonated raspberry-honey tonic. Add 2.5oz gin basket Patrón Silver, top with ice and stir, top with Juniper, Coriander, dehydrated lime and dehydrated raspberry leather. Serve with Bombilla straw.

Inspiration: Since 2008 I've worked with a group of people that focus on sourcing local ingredients based in Washington DC. A few years ago one of our restaurants started beekeeping on the roof of George Washington University creating one of the most "local" and delicious products I've ever tasted, GW Honey. I've always enjoyed the bright citrus notes I get when tasting un- oaked Patrón and pairing it with tonic is one of my favorite pass times. Recently we came across some amazingly acidic raspberries based out of Virginia that pair very well with honey and other rich and floral flavors. This highball is the offspring of many years of work tasting local ingredients from MD, DC and VA.

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