Harrison Kenney

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Harrison Kenney


Creative lead at Cantina OK! in Sydney, Harrison Kenney started his career in the bar industry seven years ago. Harrison's journey has been nurtured by a great passion for bartending and an even more profound love for hospitality and connecting with people.

One thing Harrison loves as much as enlightened hospitality, it's agave. His Teal is a celebration of tequila and Mexico. With the green top notes of Patrón Silver reminiscent of fresh cut grass, lime zest and eucalyptus, it is a cocktail that nods to Agua de Alfalfa. Its colours and aromas bring memories of fall afternoons in Mexico for a pleasant, unexpected and thirst-quenching mix.

Vanilla olive oil is central to the taste and story of Teal, nodding to vanilla cultivations by the Totonacs of Mexico's East Coast. It adds the most delightful mouth feel, floating on a vibrant green drink that heroes Patrón and the agave plant.

Winning cocktail: Teal

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30ml Patrón Silver
10ml Fino sherry
15ml Simple syrup 1:1
20ml Fresh pressed lime
20ml Fresh juiced celery
3 x 50c size pieces of fresh kiwifruit
Vanilla pods
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1. Slice a vanilla bean, open lengthwise and scrap the seeds into a squeeze bottle
2. Add half a cup of extra virgin olive oil
3. Put the lid on and shake vigorously, dispersing the seeds

In a shaker tin:
3 x 50c size pieces of fresh Kiwifruit
30ml Patrón Silver
10ml Fino Sherry
20ml Fresh pressed Lime Juice
20ml Freshly juiced Celery
15ml Simple Syrup 1:1

Shake/Fine Strain

Add 3-4 drops of vanilla olive oil.