Kat Stanley-Whyte

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Kat Stanley-Whyte


Bar Manager at Uno Mas, Edinburgh, Kat has recently risen to new challenges, turning the distress of the pandemic into a growth opportunity.

Finding passion and motivation in agave-based projects, new creatives, designs and collaborations, she has utilised lockdown to explore combining her creative and mixology skills. Inspired by what was happening in the world, Escape the Box is a cocktail designed to be a contraption of connectivity, resourcefulness and community. Our 'new normal' was being confined within four walls, enclosed and shut away from the wonders of the outside world in order to gain a glimpse of former normalities. Ordering cocktails from our favourite bars became the new weekend treat.

Escape the Box reflects how everyone feels: slowly transitioning to being able to be around family and friends, host weddings and run off to faraway lands for a few days. The flavours of this cocktail are a reflection of this; soft fruity aromas on the nose, reminiscent of summer holidays. Fresh berries, oak and toasted caramel surrounds the palette upon first sip, with a long, zesty, finish that transports you to a celebration of flavours designed to be shared and enjoyed together. Patrón Reposado marries perfectly with the citrus within the raspberries, which in turn does a waltz with the fruitiness of the Malbec showcasing Patrón's naturally oaky, caramel palette. Using the Bag in Box system to ensure the ability to deliver a delicious cocktail with ease. Upcycling the Patrón Bottle Packing boxes lines with Patrón's continuous strive for minimising waste, recycling and protecting the environment, with a fresh pop of illustrative flair taking inspiration from the colours of Mexico.

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Winning cocktail: Escape The Box
35ml Patrón Reposado
20ml Creme De Framboise
20ml Raspberry Syrup
50ml French Malbec (Le Coq Perdu, Pays d'Oc)
1ml (2 drops) Saline Solution (4:1)
Fresh Raspberries (Garnish)
Demerara Sugar (Garnish)

Build all ingredients in glass with cubed ice and stir
Add Garnish

- Infuse fresh raspberries in 10ml Patrón Reposado for 45 minutes
- Remove the raspberries and place in the freezer for 2-3hrs - enjoy the remaining tequila whilst waiting
- Roll the raspberries in the raspberry syrup followed by rolling them in demerara sugar
- Very carefully using a blowtorch and Patrón Stirrer/Cocktail pick, caramelise the sugar until all the fruit is covered, place on greaseproof paper and place in the fridge for an additional 2-3hrs for caramel to set
- Place the caramelised Tequila Raspberries in "Escape the Box" wrapping and add to top of Bag in Box or store in fridge