Rodolfo Fregoso

Rodolfo Fregoso

Mexico - Guadalajara

Winning cocktail: México Mágico
45ml Patrón Anejo
15ml Ancho chili liquor
30ml corn reduction
15ml lightly roasted pineapple juice
6 drops Cacao bitters
7.5ml Persian lime juice
15ml Aquafaba

Method: Cool the glass. Pour all the ingredients into the cocktail shaker, except for 3 drops of cacao bitters, which will be used at the end to garnish. Without adding ice to the cocktail shaker, do a dry shake. Add ice and do a hard shake. Serve and use the double straining technique. Garnish with a half dehydrated pineapple ring and 3 dashes of cacao bitters. Tip: serve with a small piece of sweet corn bread to pair.

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