Wilson Pires

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Wilson Pires

Portugal and Spain

Wilson's bartending adventure started in 2012 in the very south of Portugal. Having travelled the world to work and learn from the best, he's now back in Portugal to express the inspiration coming from many cultural influences.

The Paloma Negra cocktail is named after a song created by Chavela Vargas, inspired by the work and life of Frida Kahlo. Each ingredient, four in total, was selected after four different paintings of the famous Mexican artist. These flavours bring to life the emotions expressed in those particular artworks: PATRÓN tequila for Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair; St. Germain for Self-Portrait with Monkey and Parrot; chilli liquor for Frida e Diego Rivera; grapefruit cordial for The Broken Column. The cocktails itself also represents a painter's palette and goes along with a paintbrush and edible colours that you can use either to paint the glass and/or the liquid itself, giving you a chance to become an artist while you enjoy the Paloma Negra.

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Winning cocktail: Paloma Negra

45ml Patrón Silver
10ml St Germain elderflower liquor
35ml Grapefruit cordial
3ml Chilli liquor

Mix all the ingredients and with the 'throw' technique mix everything together