With most bars around the world shut due to covid-19, bartenders are getting creative with cocktails at home. Many without their tools or a well-stocked home bar at hand.

For Canada's national Patrón Perfectionist winner, Jared Schmidt, lockdown posed an opportunity to bring together his fellow bartenders in the way of a cocktail challenge.

After being introduced to "cupboard cocktails" by his good friend Paul Reyes, Jared came up with the idea of a cocktail challenge that involved using readily available ingredients stored in your pantry, fridge or freezer. No prep required and no need to make a trip to the supermarket.

He presented the Patrón Perfectionist champions around the globe with the Patrón Pantry Challenge. Watch his film introduction.

The rules were simple:

  • Patrón Silver, Reposado or Añejo must be the base spirit.
  • Creative and/or funny glassware is encouraged.
  • Ingredients with long prep times are not allowed.
  • One additional spirit or liqueur can be used, but this product must be easily sourced by all.

The Patrón Perfectionists rose to the challenge. Some explored ice alternatives while others made use of more unusual ingredients. Their videos were shared on Instagram and can be found under #PatronPantryChallenge.

Explore a selection of Patrón Pantry Challenge films.