UK finalists
UK finalists

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UK finalists

The 11 UK finalists reach the last stretch of the Chairman's Spice Lab following two months of fine-tuning their spiced rum recipe.

The finalists received a Chairman's Reserve spice kit which contained six pre-set spices (cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, almonds, cinnamon and dried orange), a bottle of Chairman's Reserve Original or White Label.

Following final tweaks to their rum recipe using three chosen additional spices, finalists have created a recipe card and a marketing plan using social media. This stage of the competition ends on 14th September, when finalists submit their prototype and marketing brief to the jury.

The Spice Lab Diaries follows Dave Marsland, St Lucia Distillers Ambassador, as he travels around the UK to meet each of the finalists. He learns about their submissions and inspirations behind their ideas, while also supporting them in activations. Watch the Spice Lab Diaries.

Congratulations, and best of luck to the top 11 finalists:

Alexandru Sandu of Raoul's Bar (Oxford)
Spice Lab Name: Strong & Spice (aka @chairmansstrongspice)
Spice Lab Ingredients: Pink Peppercorns, Earl Grey Tea, Lemon Zest
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Punch, Rum and Cola

Daniel Laycock of Manahatta (Leeds)
Spice Lab Name: Chairman's Piton (aka
Spice Lab Ingredients: Green Cardoman, Timur Berry, Carob Pod
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Martini twist, Yellow Bird twist, Salt Fish inspired dish

Hugo Borralho of Bristol and Bath Rum Distillery (Bristol)
Spice Lab Name: Spiced Garden (aka
Spice Lab Ingredients: Tamarind, Rosemary, Bay Leaf
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Spice Garden Cooler

James Benziane of The Basement Bar (Edinburgh)
Spice Lab Name: Summer Spiced (aka
Spice Lab Ingredients: Pink Peppercorn, Apricot, Mango
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Mai Tai, Jungle Bird, Mango Diet Cola

John Mcdermott of Brass Monkey (Nottingham)
Spice Lab Name: Stones Throw (aka
Spice Lab Ingredients: Banana, Sea Salt, Charred Pineapple
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Dark n Stormy Twist

Karl Stanley of Science & Industry (Manchester)
Spice Lab Name: Kabalé (aka
Spice Lab Ingredients: Pecan, Banana, Butter
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Mai Tai

Kyra Elton of Science & Industry (Manchester)
Spice Lab Name: Ube (aka
Spice Lab Ingredients: Ube, Coconut, Dehydrated Ginger
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Vieux Carré, Ice Cream

Peter Konkoly of COYA Mayfair (London)
Spice Lab Name: Chairman's Reserve Ambienté (aka @chairmansspicedambiante)
Spice Lab Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Pu Erh, Sobacha
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Twist of Ti' Punch, Grog

Sam Worrall of The Amsterdam (Glasgow)
Spice Lab Name: Roots (aka @chairmansspicedroots)
Spice Lab Ingredients: Burdock, Sarsaparilla, Ginger
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Mai Tai

Samantha Cox of Arcane (Manchester)
Spice Lab Name: Apple Spiced (aka @chairmansapplespice)
Spice Lab Ingredients: Cox Apple / Water Pepper / Paprika
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Twists on Treacle, Zombie, Sidecar and a classic Rum & Mixer, Pork Skewers with Rum Marinade, Shellfish with Rum Mayonnaise

Warren Deroche of Artist Residence (London)
Spice Lab Name: Chairman's Terroir (aka @chairmans_terroir)
Spice Lab Ingredients: Green Cardoman, Coffee Beans, Fig Leaves
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Daiquiri

The jury will come together in October to judge the final submissions. The winning bartenders (one selected from Europe/Asia, one selected from the USA and one selected from Saint Lucia) will then be invited to Saint Lucia to create their limited edition of Chairman's Spiced Rum in collaboration with the Chairman's Reserve R&D team and master blender.

An exciting launch of the limited edition spiced rum will be released internationally in 2021. A portion of profits will be donated to local associations in Saint Lucia to support those in hospitality hit hardest by Covid-19.

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