Eleni Mpousouli, Noah

Eleni Mpousouli, Noah

New in this field, just 25 years old, Eleni started working to cover the costs of studies and her need for socialization. It was not something she had planned, it just happened.

Fascinated by the idea of creating and connecting with the world, Eleni started to be more active, to study more and experiment with flavors, to learn, to work in different bars and to evolve through them. She usually makes choices that many would not choose - she loves walks, and a good Negroni in the city centre is something she says fills her.

Blanco de verano (White of Summer)

Created by Eleni Mpousouli at Noah, Athens

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60ml Sparkling wine Amalia tselepos
40ml Italicus
30ml White peach homemade soda
Spray Bitter botanicals

Eleni says, "In creating the drink my mind immediately moved to the choice of a spritz taking into account the origin of italicus and the culture of aperitivo, the white of summer inspired by a custom of the Spaniards who enjoy red wine with soda in the summer, located in a Spanish hacienda, due to the Latin character that is in my daily life, in my workplace, were the characteristics that made me make this choice."

What the judges thought:
"Eleni is a young and enthusiastic bartender new in this field and she really challenged herself taking part in this project together with the simplicity of her drink and activation."

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