Hanna Oscarsson, Cadier Bar

Hanna Oscarsson, Cadier Bar image 1

Hanna Oscarsson, Cadier Bar

Photography by Gustavo Flores Paredes & Sofia Castensson

Hanna's previous experience of working with Italians in Sthlm is been a big Insp for her creation, the contrast btw the loud Italians and the quiet swedes is a bit like the contrast used in the different technics in this creation.

La Briosa

Created by Hanna Oscarsson at Cadier Bar in Stockholm

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40ml Italicus
Top with the apple and plum carbonation

Gentle mix without killing too much of the bubbles. Optional to garnish with dried fruit, apple our plum

"La Briosa" - Lacto-fermented apples with plum
Take the amount of apple of your choice, sliced. If you have leftovers from say the cutting board, use that. Take 2% of the total weight in flake salt and spread it over the apples.

Put the apples spread out in a vacuum bag and take all the air out. Open the bag after 7days our until the bag inflated. Blend the lacto fermented apples 50/50 with simple syrup (50/50 simple) and strain.

This you can keep in portions in the freezer since the next step includes more "fresh" ingredients. If not you can proceed with the rest of the process which also can be kept in the freezer for longer shelf life.

Blend 2dl of the lacto fermented apple sugar with 4 pitted plums, 1,5 dL apricot liquor, 1dl lemon, 4dl simple (50/50 simple) 25dash Peychaud bitter. Fine strain. Done

50cl water
15cl lacto apple and plum mix
12cl verjus
2 pinches of salt

Add everything in a twist and sparkle when all the ingredients are cold, carbonate with one patron. Wait and add one more for extra carbonation.

What the judges thought:
"Hanna Oscarsson produced by far the best tasting and looking cocktail in the competition, she used Italicus as the only alcoholic ingredient, her personality is strong, she is very inspiring and artistic and she is a rising star in the Swedish scene (Hanna won Stella Galan and was one of the finalists for best Swedish bartender in the notorious BCA)."