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Havana Club Cocktail Grand Prix - Karl-Martin Edin

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Winning cocktail: The Havana Club Sandwich

Created by Karl-Martin Edin from Open/Closed bar in Sweden

70ml Havana 7 yr
32ml sandwich syrup
20ml lime/lemon
20ml eggwhite/aquafaba

Give it a quick shake. Then throw to airate and to make it fluffy.

Serve in any appropriate rocks glass (in the finals I used Iittala Ultima Thule). Serve with a nutty cured ham and a creamy farmhouse cheese.

Sandwich syrup is a simple syrup flavoured with mostly dark toasted bread. Wood oven baked bread gives the best result. A touch of pickle brine and a touch of mustard. The best pickle brine is the homemade stuff, using artisanal vinegar.

Let the bread macerate for at least 24 hours. Strain away the bread. Then add brine and mustard to the point where you can find them in the flavour. Add the zest from one lemon or two limes to every liter of syrup. The bread should still be the hero.

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