Irish cream liqueur

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Irish Cream Liqueurs are liqueurs based on Irish whiskey, dairy cream and other flavourings and are typically 15 to 20% alcohol by volume. Due to their cream content, they should not be consumed by those with a dairy allergy or those with lactose intolerance.

This liqueur category was created in November 1974 when R&A Bailey perfected the technique of combining Irish whiskey, cocoa and fresh cream without souring the cream. Sales of the new liqueur grew quickly, becoming the bestselling liqueur in many markets, including its home UK market.

Due to being based on cream, once opened, cream liqueurs should be stored between 5º to 25ºC (41º to 77ºF) and preferably kept refrigerated.

Mixing with acidic ingredients such as citrus juice should be avoided.

Irish cream is a protected geographical indicator product within the European Union that must be produced in Ireland.

Serve neat chilled or over ice, or in one of our cocktails with Irish Cream Liqueur.

Irish cream liqueur brands

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