Six Easy Cocktails to Make with Chambord

Words by Jane Ryan

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Whether you’ve got a bottle and are looking for inspiration, or are deciding whether or not to invest, these six easy drinks will make you fall in love with the classy French black raspberry liqueur.

Chambord is a bottle that deserves to be on your bar cart. For a start, it’s beautiful – the orb-shaped design is eye-catching and regal – but more importantly, there’s some hyper-tasty liquid inside that will transform your drink.

From the crowd-pleasing French Martini to the delightful and tart Chambord Bramble and the classic aperitif that is a Chambord Royale, here’s how to make the most of your bottle of Chambord.

French Martini

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With: Vodka, Chambord and pineapple juice.

How: Shake 15ml Chambord with 45ml vodka and 60ml fresh pineapple juice.

We Say: Raspberry and pineapple laced with vodka. Easy drinking and very fruity. The trick to finding a balance with your French Martini comes down to the pineapple – fresh juice will add acidity and texture as well as sweetness so if you’ve got a juicer this is one cocktail worth using fresh pineapple for, and definitely worth the clean-up. If you haven’t got one, find a friend who does and invite yourself round for cocktails or look out for un-sweetened juice in the supermarket.

Chambord Bramble

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With: Gin, Chambord and lemon juice.

How: Pour 30ml gin and 30ml lemon into a tumbler over crushed ice and stir / swizzle. Top with more crushed ice and compact ice to form a volcano-shaped mound. Drizzle 30ml of Chambord over the top to create a 'bleeding' effect in the glass.

We Say: One of the best and most popular drinks to come out of the 1980s. This drink shines with Chambord, and doesn’t need any additional sugar syrup when made with the black raspberry liqueur. Why? Apart from being infused with raspberries and blackberries, Chambord also includes Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel and honey so it has an aromatic sweetness all on its own. Drizzle over the top carefully for that eye-catching bleed.


Chambord Spirtz

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With: Chambord, white wine and soda.

How: Pour 30ml Chambord and 60ml wine (opt for something crisp like a Sauvignon) over ice in a large wine glass. Top with 90ml soda and garnish with fresh mint and blackberries.

We Say: A long, easy drinking summer cooler. The garnish of fresh mint and blackberries adds a herbaceous aroma each time you dive in for a sip.


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With: Bourbon, Chambord, fresh raspberries, lime juice and cranberry juice.

How: Muddle 12 raspberries in base of shaker. Add 60ml bourbon, 30ml Chambord, 15ml lime juice and 60ml cranberry juice, shake with ice and strain into glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a raspberry and fresh mint sprig.

We Say: A fruity summer cooler which we challenge anyone not to like. The Eclipse is a great example of how well Chambord works with aged spirits as well as its usual partner in crime, vodka.

Chambord Royale

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With: Brut Champagne and Chambord.

How: Add 120ml of champagne (prosecco, cava or sparkling wine is perfect for this drink too) into a coupe glass and add 15ml Chambord. Garnish with a black raspberry.

We Say: An easy to make, easy to drink aperitif which serves as a perfect cocktail pre-dinner.


Chambord Margarita

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With: Tequila, Chambord, lime juice and pomegranate juice.

How: Shake 45ml tequila with 20ml Chambord, 20ml pomegranate juice and 15ml lime juice over ice. Strain into a Margarita glass and garnish with a lime wheel.

We Say: A well balanced, tasty twist on the standard Margarita.


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