4 December

December 4th

The Frank

So we are drinking...

The Frank

Anyone who remembers The Black Album, released November 2003, as Jay-Z's eighth studio album", will also remember that today is December 4th, AKA the great man's birthday.

Yes, he did devote an entire track to his birthday, and called it December 4th. Yes, his mother did feature on both the track and in the video. And, no, that hasn't stopped him becoming quite ludicrously successful, insanely wealthy, and staying married to the rather more obviously attractive Beyoncé.

Born Shawn Carter into unpromising circumstances, he has a business empire that he could only have dreamed of, spanning the gamut from sports representation to clothes and music. A hard-as-nails entrepreneur one of the world's iconic rappers and, if you believe his wife's self-directed movie, an all-round nice guy and outstanding musician to boot, we're toasting him with an aptly named The Frank cocktail.

Today is also Sir Isaac Newton's birthday

Isaac Newton, who would go on to have one of the greatest brains known to history and to make one of the most important scientific calculations of all time, was born on this day in 1643.

Throughout his life, his brilliant curiosity led him to dabble in everything and anything he came across. He was based in the Tower of London for many years as Master of the Mint, where he waged war against counterfeit money, but most famously, he defined gravity after watching an apple falling from a tree.

We think it appropriate to mix an Apple Brandy Sour, a drink inspired by the very fruit that inspired Newton, and toast the guy who first understood what really keeps our feet on the ground.

In Memory of Frank Zappa

In his 1989 autobiography, Frank Zappa famously opined that "you can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline". Although notorious for his eccentric behaviour, Zappa was actually quite a sophisticated Renaissance Man.

Musician, composer, film director and wit, he spoke against censorship and inspired musicians from both the rock and classical worlds before his early death on this day in 1993. Garnished with cheese-stuffed olives, the Z Martini has plenty of quirk, though, like the man himself, its port and vodka soul is classical, contemporary and indefinably classy.

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