31 October

Halloween Cocktails

Witches' Daiquiri

So we are drinking a...

Witches' Daiquiri

Ghosts and goblins, gargoyles and graves: it's that time of year again to cut up old sheets, paint on the fake blood, stock up on sweets and make a good effort to outdress the kids.

Traditionally, Halloween is the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows' Day, which is dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (the hallows) and departed believers. In many parts of the world, the Christian observances of All Hallows' Eve includes lighting candles on the graves of the dead.

Since 1974, New York City's Greenwich Village has hosted the world's largest Halloween parade. It stretches over a mile (1.6 kilometres) and includes more than 60,000 costumed participants, circus performers, floats, live bands and giant puppets.

Trick-or-treating used to mean gorging on sweets and chocolate whilst trekking the streets knocking on strangers' doors. If that no longer appeals, there's always a Witches' Daiquiri or one of our 20 best Halloween cocktails.

Turning your cocktail black

As in previous years, black is once again in season this Halloween, so how do you turn cocktails black? Besides off the shelf proprietary spirits and liqueurs such as black sambuca and black vodka, there are basically three go to ingredients:

Available from health food stores, activated charcoal capsules enable pretty much any cocktail to be turned black with little change to the drink's flavour. However, there are some risks and things you should be aware of so please see our page on using activated charcoal in cocktails.

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