Adal Márquez, Boadas
Adal Márquez, Boadas

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Adal Márquez, Boadas

Adal has spent 20 years working in cocktail bars, seven of them as HeadBartender at Boadas Cocktails. In addition to that, more than 10 years traveling and working around the world. Fresh air for Boadas to give it a new way.

Allegro Romanì

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1cl Ginger puree
2 cl Lemon juice
4 cl Italicus
2 cl Elderflower liqueur
Top with Cava
Decoration: Montsany rosemary branch and edible flowers

Trying to unite two worlds, the lemon, typical of the East Region of Spain and of Italy (Amalfi, Sicilia ...) we create a union with the bergamot of Italicus, highlighting the citrus notes with ginger and slightly cutting the sweetness to elevate the delicate aromas of Rosolio di Bergamotto. Elderflower and mountain rosemary provide the delicate aromas of the Catalan countryside, and finally, the best cava of our land will help refresh and lighten the whole work, completed with flowers to remind us that Catalonia and Las Ramblas in Barcelona are lands of flowers.