Angelo Forte, No Entry
Angelo Forte, No Entry

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Angelo Forte, No Entry

Angelo Forte, 35 years old, first started bartending to maintain his studies. Passionate about cocktails and hospitality, he then decided to move to Rome where he trained professionally as a bartender.

Paris was the next step for a new life and career adventure. Angelo has been working at No Entry for two years and bartending for him it feels like being a performer: every night is different and for sure he is not the star of the show, customers are. Without their presence there would be no show. His favourite quote is: "Stay Hungry - Stay Strong".

Una estate fa

Created by Angelo Forte at No Entry, Paris

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45ml Italicus
10ml red vermouth
10ml elixir china
5ml lemon juice
5 dashes laphoroaig 10y
30ml parisian citrus shrub

Garnish with salty grapefruit foam.

Una estate fa means the summer ends excitement from citrus of italicus, turned to the bitterness of the end of summer, salty foam to finish is reminding the cool fresh air of mediterranean sea in my country italy; salute.