Dimitris Kavvadas, Athénée
Dimitris Kavvadas, Athénée

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Dimitris Kavvadas, Athénée

Dimitris started bartending at the age of 18. As a biology student he needed to make a living. He worked in many clubs and bars, and loved the art of bartending. He's trained at two acclaimed institutes, the bar academy and le monde. Dimitris now works at Athénée as head bartender and at Island Athens riviera as bar manager. He is also a bartending instructor at Iek Master.

Ciclo Di Tempo

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40 ml Italicus
20 ml olive oil fatwashed vodka infused with orange flowers
30 ml rotovaped white chocolate water
15 ml citric acid infused with bergamot oil (sfumantura)
30 ml fermented clarified white chocolate

Dimitris says, "The time cycle refers to a continuous journey in time woven either forward or backward. This trip composes a wonderful mosaic of modern and traditional techniques, classic and futuristic flavors and aromas. Just like the Italicus time cycle. The drink of the kings in 1850 and the number one trending brand in 2020. In this cocktail are used classic (bergamot) but also modern aromas (white chocolate), traditional (sfumatura like italicus) and modern techniques (rotary evaporation)."