George Toumlelis, Don Kixotis
George Toumlelis, Don Kixotis

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George Toumlelis, Don Kixotis

From a young age George discovered that he liked cooking and combinations of flavors. At 18 he was caught in a neighborhood bar as a waiter and after a few months he asked to go to the bar because it piqued his interest.

He started reading about drinks, distillations, flavor combinations and decided to learn even more from experienced people in the area. So he went to le monde school and started experimenting with different combinations. In the following years he worked in various bars and large hotels specializing in cocktails. He has been working at Don Quixote for the last 2 years.

Don Quixote is one of the most historical-themed bars in the city of Piraeus and more specifically in Kastella! It was founded in 1978 and took its name from the eponymous hero of Miguel de Cervantes! It maintains the same philosophy from its foundation until today!

It is now considered a timeless all day bar of the best in the wider area and the Attica basin which aims to marry the enjoyment of the image with the taste and consequently to provide the best customer service in the quality of the products offered and in service.

Agrumi Spritz

Created by George Toumlelis, Don Kixotis

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5ml balsamic Vinegar made in Greece with honey and aromatic lemon
20ml orange sugar syrup
50ml Italicus
100ml prosecco
Garnish with fresh sprigs of thyme

For this particular cocktail, a combination of purely Mediterranean flavors from those that can be found in the two sister Mediterranean countries of Greece and Italy. In both countries, citrus fruits are one of the main ingredients of Mediterranean gastronomy.

With balsamic cream with lemon and honey as the main ingredient, an ingredient that is often found in Italian culture, in combination with orange oil sugars as well as the fresh thyme sprig, they highlight all the elements and are perfectly combined with Italicus Rosolio.

This creates a combination that emphasizes the herbs that are in the rossolio, the sweetness of the orange cane sugar creates a balance of acidity in combination with the balsamic and is essentially a spritz that brings flavors and memories from the 2 countries with elements.