Giuseppe Tulumello, Columbus Milano
Giuseppe Tulumello, Columbus Milano

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Giuseppe Tulumello, Columbus Milano

Giuseppe Tulumello, born in 1976, has always had a passion for mixing since he was a child. "I wanted to mix anything to see what came out, edible and not," he says. At 12 years old he began to take his first steps behind the bar counter and at 13 he started at a hotel school, achieving great successes and working in prestigious hotels.

Moving to Milan, he met Stefano Lascati who at the time ran an Irish Pub in San Donato Milanese. Partners of a passion for mixing drinks in 96 transformed the pub into a real cocktail bar. In 2001, together with Stefano, they opened the Doimo, a 300sqm room in a former cinema with 10 meters of bench. With Guglielmo Miriello, they opened Columbus in 2005, a place that mixes 50s America into a real diner with the atmosphere of a high-level New York cocktail bar.

Dirty Negroni

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40ml Italicus
5ml SALAMOIA d'olive

The idea was to make a twist on a too super classic that are already a twist of classic. So we bring the Negroni Bianco and the Dirty Martini and we mix the idea to have inside our classic Negroni Bianco a little touch of olive juice that is a product not often used in cocktails.