Hampus Thunholm, Bern's Asiatiska
Hampus Thunholm, Bern's Asiatiska

Hampus Thunholm, Bern's Asiatiska image 1

Hampus Thunholm, Bern's Asiatiska

Photography by Gustavo Flores Paredes & Sofia Castensson

Voted best bartender in Sweden at the last bartenders' choice awards and nominated in the same category for several years, Hampus not only is one of Sweden best bartenders and an international figure, Hampus is also a generous and funny lad that can hardly say no to anybody. True legend!

Marco Polo

Created by Hampus Thunholm at Bern's Asiatiska in Stockholm

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6cl Italicus
6cl Watermelon Juice
Pinch of habanero powder
15ml Simple Syrup
Spoon of Citric Acid solution

We wanted to to something that worked with the food and vibe that we have going on at Berns asiatiska! With not only the food being spicy the vibe from the speakers is crazy hot during the weekends, we decided I do a frozen sharing drink that looks super cool taste amazing and most of all it makes you smile, and that is what we are all about!

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