Herve Luu, La Poudriere
Herve Luu, La Poudriere

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Herve Luu, La Poudriere

Herve Luu named himself a classic bartender, living in Paris, with an eclectic career in bartending, from luxury hotel, to typical French bistro, and many jobs as a seasoner.
Herve has taken inspiration for La Poudrière's menu into his customer related to musique and art and tries to please their palate with their senses, creativity and taste.

Parisian bitterness

Created by Herve Luu at La Poudriere, Paris

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40ml Italicus
20 ml extra dry vermouth
20ml coriander gin
15ml gentiane water
garnish/ orange zest & griotte

For this cocktail we wanted to stay in the line of a dry aperitif the one opening up your palate before a good meal, with a sweet taste of what we call in French reviens-y ( yes come back to your drink) gentiane is pairing perfectly well with italicus, it comes from our french roots, the overall idea was to select the best component to a balanced cocktail, simple and easy to drink and remember.