Kostantinos Matiatos, A for Athens
Kostantinos Matiatos, A for Athens

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Kostantinos Matiatos, A for Athens

Kostantinos expressed himself through various artistic channels as a child. This search never stopped, and eventually the artisanal nature of bartending caught his interest, which developed into a great love.

The A for Athens in which he works, with bar manager Theodore Pyrillos, is a hotel rooftop cocktail bar in the centre of Athens, with international recognition and stunning views of the Acropolis. In other words the ideal pairing for his inspiration, creativity and evolution.


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40ml Italicus
50ml Extravaganza
10ml Simple syrup
5ml Benedictine

Extravaganza ingredients:
Greek orange, Greek lemon, grapefruit, yuzu

Granita Italicus is a popsicle cocktail containing Italicus, fresh citrus extravaganza (a mix of citrus juices) and an idea of herbs. The impetus for its creation began with an interview with Giuseppe Gallo who spoke of his own inspiration for Italicus. Gallo said the reason he thought about using bergamot came from a childhood memory. When he was a child, his mother used bergamot zest in the Carpathian sea bass he made at Christmas. A taste with a strong nostalgic tone that reminds him of his mother and gives a more personal tone to the character of Italicus.

With the same reasoning, I also referred to one of my most pleasant childhood memories and specifically to the walks I took in the park with my grandmother Ourania. After I finished the game, on the way back there was no way we could not stop for my favorite popsicle granita. This sweet memory gave birth to the idea for the Granita Italicus cocktail.