Marco Tagliabue, Farola
Marco Tagliabue, Farola

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Marco Tagliabue, Farola

Marco, an Italian bartender who currently owns Farola and Crepes at Born in Barcelona, has a long history behind him that took him from Italy to London and from London to Barcelona, in love with classic cocktails which he interprets giving free rein to his creativity.


Created by Marco Tagliabue at Farola

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40 ml roku gin
50 ml lime juice clarified with almond milk
10 ml Nardini Mandorla Liqueur
10 ml Italicus
15 ml sugar syrup
Top with cava

Hanami is a cocktail inspired by the floral component of its own ingredients.
Blending the botanical of the japanese gin with the aroma of Italicus and almond, all brought up with our local ingredient "cava"

Thanks to the traditional method chamapagnoise of a second fermentation in the bottle, Cava develops light dryness and a light bitter almond flavours. Italicus rounds it up with its iconic floral citrus notes.