Mattia Ria, Blind Pig
Mattia Ria, Blind Pig

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Mattia Ria, Blind Pig

Mattia Ria, class 88, owns and bartenders at Blind Pig. He started this work by chance, making summer seasons in Salento, but after a short time he fell in love with it. Many Roman locals in his past until he arrived from Spirit, to The Pigneto, where he knows Egidio Fidanza, several years elbow to elbow until we arrive at the decision to open the Blind Pig.


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50ml Italicus
20ml Uva Fragola cordial
15ml acidified beetroot juice
Top Limori Tonic Water

Uva Fragola cordial:
Orange and lemon Oleo Saccarum 2:1 with uvafragola juice

Acidified beetroot juice:
1lt Beetroot juice, 40gr Citric acid, 20gr Malic acid

Inspiration:Following the same insight had for ITALICUS, the drink was created as a tribute to the italian land. The name of the drink TERRA is a clue, motherland of flavours and colours that identify "the made in Italy" in the world.

Few and simple ingredients: Italicus, cordial of grapes and acidified beetroot, become symbols of the italian mood.

The beetroot is the origin of such a fertile territory, while cordial is the synthesis of a product born from this land and grown by its sun.. all made sparkling and drinkable by Limori Tonic Water for a refreshing drink from the peaks to the shores of sea.

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