Nick Elezovic with Willie, Diamond Dogs
Nick Elezovic with Willie, Diamond Dogs

Nick Elezovic with Willie, Diamond Dogs image 1

Nick Elezovic with Willie, Diamond Dogs

Nick Elezovic was born and raised in LIC/Astoria, NY. He spent 18 years in the hotel industry, and it wasn't until he spent three plus years moonlighting at local Sparrow Tavern at the same time that his brother John of Revival Bar in Union Square approached him to open up their own bar.

Up to that point I wanted to be a film editor and have my own reissue record label. The Diamond Dogs name was originally going to be just a cocktail, but I wanted to sexy up the neighborhood a little bit. I also remembered going record shopping decades ago at Rebel Rebel in the West Village. If they could have a record shop named Rebel Rebel, why couldn't we as well have a bar named Diamond Dogs?

Willie McIntyre Jr. - A musician, illustrator, and bartender, Willie was born and raised in Chicago. He's been practicing his crafts in NY since 2014. You can currently find him mixing up cocktails at Diamond Dogs.

Tomorrow's Dream

Created by Nick Elezovic with Willie, Diamond Dogs, NYC

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3/4 Italicus
3/4 Hendrick's Gin
3/4 Ocean Hill Brooklyn Apple Brandy
3/4 Lustau Vermut Rosso
2 dashes Scrappy's Polite Amor bitters
Dash of saline solution or pinch of sea salt

Stir over ice 75 times, strain into a chilled coupe. No garnish

Named after a Black Sabbath song, my approach was to try to 50/50 a 50/50 martini as a way to utilize more split base recipes. I knew Italicus played well with vermouth, and I was fond of how Italicus paired with both Lustau Rosso and Bianco vermouths.

We also wanted to utilize more local NY apple brandies in our cocktails as there are several excellent choices available. We were originally going to use the Lustao Bianco with a lighter bodied brandy for the warmer months, but we took too long and it was closely approaching time for our winter menu.

I decided to swap in the Lustau Rosso as well as the fuller bodied Ocean Hill Brooklyn apple brandy wich is blended with some Calvados for a boozy cold weather winter sipper. It seems to have translated to being a year-round favorite to our pleasant surprise.