Patrick Pistolesi, Drink Kong
Patrick Pistolesi, Drink Kong

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Patrick Pistolesi, Drink Kong

I was born in 1978, so it means I'm 42 now. I've been bartending for 21 years. It started as a game, liked the night, parties, girls.

But after a while it all got serious and started thinking it as a career . In the end I've done some competitions , won a few , travelled all around the world , consulted and opened for others a lot of bars , opened the first Gin bar of Italy called ''the Gin Corner''.

Been brand ambassador for Shweppes and Jameson Irish whiskey for 4 years.
I'm drink consultant for many famous brands, I'm co-owner and co-founder of NIO ready to drink Cocktails. Now I'm owner and co-founder of Drink Kong , my bar! And yes I'm a singer in a band!


Created by Patrick Pistolesi at Drink Kong, Rome

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40ml Italicus
25ml Americano Cocchi inf with roman chamomile
50ml Kong Cordial

10ml white wine vinegar Frascati Sup.

Americano Cocchi inf with roman chamomile:
1bt cocchi americano 20gr infused 24h with roman chamomile.

Kong Cordial:
Recovery citrus: 1kg half mixed citrus shell, 1lt h2o, 1kg sugar, 40g citric, 20g malic, 24h infusion.

An Italian aperitivo risa of citrus/umami freshness , mixed with our ''Kong cordial'' made of all our citrus discards, the roman camomile fragrant and bitter infused in white sweet vermouth and a touch of Roman vinegar, give to the drink a interestingly weird citrus/umami flavor magnifies the unique personality of the bergamot.
A taste of Italian Summer

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