Theologos Eugenikos, Lucca
Theologos Eugenikos, Lucca

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Theologos Eugenikos, Lucca

Eugenikos Theologos hails from the island of Patmos and Rhodes. He has been bartending professionally since 2014, and likes to be inspired by the people around him to create cocktails.

Eugenikos bartends at Lucca Athens, with a great yard and distinct decoration, which welcomes guests to enjoy specialty coffee along with brunch, aperitivo during the day and cocktails accompanied by a dinner menu.


Created by Theologos Eugenikos at Lucca

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50ml Italicus
30ml Cold brew infused with Metaxa 5stars
10ml Antica formula vermouth
80ml Three cents dry tonic
Garnish with orange zest, 3 coffee beans

Eugenikos says, "I was inspired by the Fiori cocktail that contains coffee because of my grandmother who made her coffee with bergamot! I was inspired by the name of the cocktail because in Rhodes until today they call it Fiori flowers which is the main ingredient of Italicus."