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Winning Recipes

Summer in the Schwarzwald

By Jonathan Travers-Smith

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Summer in the Schwarzwald image

Serve in a

Coupe glass


A freshly-cut rosemary sprig across the glass. 2 spritzes of orange blossom water onto the top of the foam.

How to make:

Dry shake the gin, lemon juice, rosemary syrup and egg white to create foam.
Add ice and shake to chill.
Add the weissbier to a chilled coupe.
Double strain the shaker ingredients into the coupe on top of the weissbier.

45 ml Monkey 47 gin
30 ml Lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
20 ml Rosemary sugar syrup (1:1)
15 ml Egg white
30 ml Erdinger Weisbier
2 drops Orange blossom water / Orange flower water
1 sprig Rosemary sprig


I wanted to work with a few of the notes that are present in Monkey 47 and accentuate or complement.

As a sweetener, the rosemary syrup conjurs up woodiness and pine without overpowering. The lemon helps bring out the innate zestiness of the gin. The egg white adds texture and a light headiness, which then is a vehicle for the orange blossom spritz on top. Starting the glass off with 1/2 oz of weissbier is a nod to the German heritage while also adding floral notes and helping to feed the foam head.

The rosemary sprig garnish brings pine to the nose with each sip.


Inspired by the heady aromas of a walk in the Schwarzwald on a summer day.

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