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Winning Recipes

Simian Sour with Pine & Cherry

By Mike Heaps

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Simian Sour with Pine & Cherry image

Serve in a

Goblet glass


Garnish with a cherry speared with fresh pine needles

How to make:

1. Find your nearest forest and make a Pine Needle syrup (see notes!)
2. Combine all ingredients and shake with ice
3. Strain into a second (metal) shaker and dry shake to froth (if you're working with 1 shaker, strain into a glass and discard ice before returning for a dry shake)
4. Strain into a retro coupe glass, or shallow goblet and garnish

60 ml Monkey 47 gin
30 ml Sugar syrup 'rich' (2 sugar to 1 water, 65.0°Brix)
15 ml Lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
15 ml Cherry juice
15 ml Pasteurised egg white


To make a pine needle syrup, start with a simple syrup (1 part water to 2 parts sugar), heat the mixture to dissolve the sugar, then take off the heat and add 4 parts pine needle. Cover and leave to steep for at least 12 hours. Strain multiple times through a fine sieve (or muslin) until you achieve a clear syrup.

Sour cherry juice can be mixed from concentrate or bought pre-prepared. I prefer 1 part sour cherry concentrate to 2 parts water, but the concentrate gives you the option to mix to your taste.


Taking inspiration from all things Black Forest, the Simian Sour combines the hefty, botanical hit of Monkey 47 gin with a freshly foraged pine needle sugar syrup, the bitterness of sour cherry and lemon, plus a (tenuous at best) nod to the iconic German Cuckoo via the uninvited laying of a little egg white into the mix to achieve that classic sour froth!

Think boozy Black Forest Gateau in the shade of a pine forest while listening to Can and Kraftwerk.

My wife and I went on a special foraging mission in the wilds of Northampton for this one, not quite the Black Forest, but the pine needles add a freshness and natural quality to the syrup, which pairs particularly well with Monkey 47 and adds a subtle forest floor element to the drink.


One serving of Simian Sour with Pine & Cherry contains 254 calories.

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