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Difford's Guide 365 Days of Cocktails, the perfect cocktail for every day of the year

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Category: Books
Sub Category: Cocktail Books

ISBN: 978-1784720629
Format: hardback
Publisher Octopus Publishing Group Ltd

This book was inspired by the Cocktail Of The Day on this very website, which in turn resulted from a visit I (Simon Difford) made to Barcelona back in 2009. I noticed that many of the old-school cocktail bars had display boards behind their bars headed Coctel del Dia suggesting a cocktail.

I asked one bartender why they had chosen a particular cocktail to recommend for that day. Disappointingly, but honestly, he replied that they have a number of cocktails which they simply rotate.

It occurred to me that with the over three thousand cocktails on our website we should be able to find an appropriate cocktail for each day, influenced by an event, anniversary or celebration. Rather than just come up with an appropriate cocktail for a certain day, the background of each day'€™s theme cried out for a short explanation.

So, as the name suggests, this first edition of 365 Days of Cocktails contains a recipe for every day of the year alongside brief insights into the history of that date, whether it be celebratory, morbidly fascinating or a lesson in time. We'€™ve chosen recipes that are easy to follow and as you'€™d expect from a Difford's Guide publication, we€'ve also photographed each cocktail.

We'€™ve designed 365 for those with a love of cocktails, but it'€™s a step away from our more encyclopaedic heavy recipe tomes, giving cocktails a light-hearted makeover. The perfect excuse for a cocktail every day of the year..

I hope you'€™ll enjoy reading about each day while hopefully sipping the appropriate libation.

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