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The Tahona Society introduces the Collective Spirit, its first ever competition centred on sustainable improvement. They will be taking 10 finalists to the home of Altos Tequila in Mexico where they'll be judged by the panel for the chance to win $50,000 USD.

An evolution from their cocktail competitions of previous years, Altos Tequila presents their inaugural bartender competition by The Tahona Society, advocates of environmental sustainability, the local community and their commitment for a better world.

The Tahona Society is dedicated to the true art and creation of tequila - the Tahona. Founded in 2009 by Dré Masso and Henry Besant, it has established itself as a leading tequila education programme, having built a community of bartenders who share a passion for good quality tequila and wish to further their knowledge.

Sustainable Improvement

Waste blows. Toxic chemicals suck. And don't get me started with plastic. Have you been to the beach recently? Well, if you get the point, then you know sustainability is an important issue right now. As is the wellbeing and mental health of bartenders, the need for community development and the demand to support vulnerable people. And if you're anything like The Tahona Society, you'll find this superb competition a marvellous opportunity.

Launching for the first time this year, The Tahona Society Collective Spirit's competition calls on bartenders to present a concept, project or initiative which benefits their communities, local neighbourhoods or the bar industry. The victor will win $50,000 which will go towards developing their winning concept.

The Prize

In November 2018, 10 finalists will be taken to Mexico where they will pitch their concept to a panel of judges. The contestants will then battle it out for a chance to win the incredible first-place prize.

The ultimate champion will be awarded $50,000 to progress their winning initiative. Not only will you have the chance to bring your concept to life, but you'll also be invited to become the newest Tahona Society brand ambassador. A fantastic opportunity to get on board and become a voice behind a brand that strives to better the planet and the welfare of our industry.

Joe Wild, the UK Altos Tequila Brand Ambassador says, this competition is "about giving back to the community and also about developing ideas." It's an opportunity to make a difference.

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Joe Wild, Altos Tequila Brand Ambassador

Running alongside the competition is The Henry Besant Scholarship. The beneficiary will join the 10 finalists on their trip to Mexico. Take a look now at what this scholarship could offer you or someone you may know in the bar community.

The Competition Criteria

So, what's the challenge?

Contestants are invited to submit a concept based upon sustainable improvement. Collective Spirit have presented five categories: Nature and the Environment, Bartender Welfare, Upcycling and Recycling, Reducing Waste and Resources and Social Engagement.

The winning concept must incorporate one (or more) of the above categories. These must be related to bar-based activities. We'll be delving deeper into each one so take a look at the inspiration page.

You have 500 words to explain your concept. You can team up with a colleague, and as a duo, fly out together to Mexico, present your idea and win over the judges.

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Educational events are taking place across the 22 regions competing in the competition. Hosted by Dré Masso, the events aim to encourage the bar community to spread the word on the importance of sustainable improvement in the drinks industry. Find out how to enter here.

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Dré Masso, co-founder of The Tahona Society and Altos Tequila