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PDT (short for Please Don't Tell) is one of the original Manhattan bars modelled on Prohibition speakeasies. This one is a rather wonderful cocktail lounge,

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Door 74

For our review of Door 74, please see our Amsterdam’s 10 best cocktail bars page.

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Charles H.

Named after legendary drinks writer Charles H. Baker, this is a cocktail bar discreetly hidden in the lower levels of Four Seasons Hotel Seoul. Lorenzo

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Lucy's Flower Shop

A non-descript doorway leads to an unattended florist shop and then, when you find the door, this hidden basement cocktail bunker of a bar. Lucy's is

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Bar Totti's

Merivale's famed Italian joint has made the transition from Bondi to the CBD – fronting the Ivy Precinct on George Street with its wood-fired oven and

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The Lucky Pig

A top-hatted doorman at street level marks the entrance to this new basement bar in Fitzrovia. Its name mixes up the moniker of 1920s racketeet Lucky Luciano

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Maybe Sammy

Maybe Sammy feels like a bar that's been cut straight out of a London hotel and set adrift to land on Sydney's shore. It's got the jacketed bartenders

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Old Fashioned Bar

Established and lovingly tended by two bartenders, Luca and Bruno, Old Fashioned is an intimate little place located in the heart of Gràcia (close to

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American Bar at The Savoy

Perhaps the most famous hotel in the world, The Savoy reopened in 2010 after a three-year, £100m+ refurbishment. While the rest of the hotel now sparkles

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Le Cellar at Galvin

Although practically hidden in the basement of Galvin Bistro De Lux on Baker Street, and reached only via a tiny stairwell from the middle of the dining

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Le Lion - Bar de Paris

Widely recognised as being one of the world's 20 best bars, Le Lion lies behind a locked door and buzzer system but is open to anyone who makes a reservation.

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Harry Gordon's Bar

Take the escalator down to the lower ground floor of Selfridges to find its spanking new drinks department, with a bar nestled in the middle. Named after

 Ladder Shed at Chiltern Firehouse image

Ladder Shed at Chiltern Firehouse

This hotel, restaurant, bar and cobbled garden courtyard are housed in a former Grade II listed gothic Victorian fire station on the eponymous upmarket

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Pizarro Restaurant & Bar

Jose Pizarro opened his standing-room-only sherry and tapas bar further up fashionable Bermondsey Street in 2011 and so popular was it that he followed

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Bar Tozino

The railway arches around Bermondsey's Maltby Street, particularly on Ropewalk, have turned into a foodie's heaven as those in the know abandon Borough

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Scarfes Bar Rosewood Hotel

Scarfes Bar sits to the right as you walk under the arch into the courtyard entrance to the Rosewood hotel and is the hotel's main bar. It's been decorated

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Theory Bar & More

A high-volume bar out in the northern suburbs, Theory has crack team of bartenders which knock out simple but tasty cocktails. One to remember in the summer

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Super Lyan

For our review of Super Lyan, please see our Amsterdam’s 10 best cocktail bars page.

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The Electric House

Between the Electric Cinema and the Electric Brasserie hides the entrance to this Notting Hill sibling of Soho House. It is also owned by Nick Jones and

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Senios Café Bar

Lying on a pedestrian street in Athens’ textile neighbourhood, Senios (which opened in October 2018) is the third all-day café bar by the team behind

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Upupa Epops

New cocktail bar close to the center of Athens (about 10 minutes with taxi). Great cocktails and ambience in a traditional 'old Athenian' scenery.

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Meat Mission

This Shoreditch offshoot of Meat Liquor takes over a former church hall in this cobbled square next to Hoxton Square. There's less graffiti and it feels

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Il Marchese

Il Marchese is an osteria during its day time opening hours, and an amaro bar by night. It is the first amaro bar to open in Italy, with a capacity of

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Amor Y Amargo

Amor Y Amargo (love and bitterness) is a tiny dozen seater cocktail bar focusing on bitters, also doubling as a retail outlet for a bewildering range of

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Milk & Honey

Sasha Petraske opened the original Milk & Honey in New York back in 2000. Many awards followed and it achieved legendary status in the bar world, spawning

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Tayer + Elementary

At first glance, this is yet another brutalist Shoreditch/Hoxton/Old Street bar with bare concrete, exposed aircon ducking and raw steel trunking. But

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The Botanist

Another from the Tom and Ed Martin stable, the Botanist is slap-bang on Sloane Square. Named in honour of Sir Hans Sloane, a botanist, it is brightly decorated

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Buddha Bar Paris

If you've never been to a Buddha Bar, you've probably listened to its chilled ambient music at some point - a fantastic example of a brand extension if

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House of Coco Tang

What's this? A club masquerading as a cocktail bar? Actually it's both, which is something you don't come across very often - at least done well. Come

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Mr Peacock

Another high volume bar in the northern suburbs, Mr Peacock is noted for its back yard with its VW camper van installation. A colonial-style interior and

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Buck & Breck

Rather than the bar’s name, outside there’s simply a neon sign flashing “closed”. Off-putting perhaps, but such is this bar’s reputation that

The Bolingbroke Pub & Dining Room image

The Bolingbroke Pub & Dining Room

With its bare wooden tables, and painted wooden plank walls, this corner pub has something of a country pub feel to it. Out back, a conservatory-like dining

Papillon & Sophie's Bars at Bank Hotel image

Papillon & Sophie's Bars at Bank Hotel

The Papillon Bar is tucked away, off to the left from the Bank Hotel's lobby entrance. It is intimate, elegant and refined with wall-to-wall carpet and

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Harvey Nichols Second Floor Bar

Ladies that lunch, also shop and drink. Harvey Nichols is one of their favourite places to do all three. Chaps don’t fear. You can avoid trudging through

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Red Light

Looking for Red Light can be a real challenge for those who have never visited before. Another speakeasy in the Bristol bar scene with a luminous red

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Mario Basso, the Italian owner and bar manager gives this small corner bar a very homely feel with an Italian touch - it's great for appetitivos and classic

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Callooh Callay

Callooh Callay was inspired by the nonsensical poem 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll and the Mad Hatter decor and cocktails found here make for a refreshing

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Florería Atlántico

Cofounded by Ocho7Ocho's Julián Díaz, Florería Atlántico is another winning Buenos Aires speakeasy. A combination florist and

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High Water

Taking over the space of Bar 23 on Stoke Newington Road, High Water threw open its doors at the end of summer 2014. Briefly operating out of the old venue

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Murder Inc.

A dingy narrow backstreet traversing the corner between Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road is a fittingly seedy setting for a bar which celebrates

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One of the most popular bars downtown. Actually, two bars joined by an alley in the same building. Noel is best described as theatrical, offering good

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Back Door 43

There is just one rule in this place that has to be followed: Reservations only! For everything else there are no rules! The name Back door is used because

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The Beaufort Bar

The Beaufort bar occupied the space which was formerly the hotel's cabaret stage, previously graced by the likes of George Gershwin, who premiered Rhapsody

Bread Street Kitchen  image

Bread Street Kitchen

We first visited Bread Street Kitchen when it launched and despite the opulent setting and an offering of two bars, the cocktails were below standard.

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Nottingham Forest

The Nottingham forest was opened in 1970 by Carlo Comini, Dario’s father. In 1980 under the guide of Dario Comini the Nottingham Forest became one of

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The folk at North certainly love their beer. The bar may make a subtle nod in the direction of cocktails, but anyone who comes through these doors knows

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Vesper Bar

For our review of Vesper, please see our Amsterdam’s 10 best cocktail bars page.

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Shochu Lounge

Nestling below Roka, the West End sister restaurant to the stratospherically fashionable Zuma, this subterranean lounge takes its name from the traditional

Sun Liquor Distillery & Bar image

Sun Liquor Distillery & Bar

Sun Liquor owns two venues in Seattle: one a lounge and the other this bar/distillery. A small copper pot and small column still can be seen through a

TT Liquor image

TT Liquor

This impressive three floor venue boasts a cinema, a cellar cocktail bar and specialist liquor store stocking over 1,000 products, many of them rare and