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Tayer + Elementary

At first glance, this is yet another brutalist Shoreditch/Hoxton/Old Street bar with bare concrete, exposed aircon ducking and raw steel trunking. But

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PDT (short for Please Don't Tell) is one of the original Manhattan bars modelled on Prohibition speakeasies. This one is a rather wonderful cocktail lounge,

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Door 74

For our review of Door 74, please see our Amsterdam’s 10 best cocktail bars page.

Polly image


It’s easy to miss this Fitzroy long-stayer, just across the road from the better-known Black Pearl. The classical statuary and pot plants in the conservatory

J.D. William's Whisky Bar image

J.D. William's Whisky Bar

For our review of J.D. Williams, please see our Amsterdam’s 10 best cocktail bars page.

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Harry's Bar

The most famous bar in Italy and one of the most famous in the world, Harry's was opened in 1931 by Giuseppe Cipriani. While part of its notoriety derives

Jeff Berry's Latitude 29 image

Jeff Berry's Latitude 29

Jeff 'Beachbum' Berry is perhaps the best-known man in the world of Tiki so when he and his wife Annene moved to New Orleans and then announced they were

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When you step off the busy main road into Malmaison, you’ll be taken back by the serenity that’s been created in the bar. The high ceilings, soft music

 Ladder Shed at Chiltern Firehouse image

Ladder Shed at Chiltern Firehouse

This hotel, restaurant, bar and cobbled garden courtyard are housed in a former Grade II listed gothic Victorian fire station on the eponymous upmarket

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Nottingham Forest

The Nottingham forest was opened in 1970 by Carlo Comini, Dario’s father. In 1980 under the guide of Dario Comini the Nottingham Forest became one of

Papillon & Sophie's Bars at Bank Hotel image

Papillon & Sophie's Bars at Bank Hotel

The Papillon Bar is tucked away, off to the left from the Bank Hotel's lobby entrance. It is intimate, elegant and refined with wall-to-wall carpet and

Bar Missoni image

Bar Missoni

Missoni is the first hotel from the eponymous Italian fashion house, until now better known for its knitwear than its hotel and catering operations. Bar

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Byrdi is a bar unlike any other, pulling the concepts of seasonality and locality together with culinary techniques, in a venue that is both day and night,

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Located in the Haus der Kunst (which translates as 'art museum'), Goldene (which translates as, er, 'golden') is a beautiful room decorated with gold mosaic

Le Cellar at Galvin image

Le Cellar at Galvin

Although practically hidden in the basement of Galvin Bistro De Lux on Baker Street, and reached only via a tiny stairwell from the middle of the dining

Lucy's Flower Shop image

Lucy's Flower Shop

A non-descript doorway leads to an unattended florist shop and then, when you find the door, this hidden basement cocktail bunker of a bar. Lucy's is

Harry Gordon's Bar image

Harry Gordon's Bar

Take the escalator down to the lower ground floor of Selfridges to find its spanking new drinks department, with a bar nestled in the middle. Named after

Le Bar (Park Hyatt) image

Le Bar (Park Hyatt)

When you walk into the understated entrance of this slick modern hotel look out for a bronze sculpture of two figures reaching up and welcoming you in.

American Bar at The Savoy image

American Bar at The Savoy

Perhaps the most famous hotel in the world, The Savoy reopened in 2010 after a three-year, £100m+ refurbishment. While the rest of the hotel now sparkles

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This good-time bar is named after the fruit that flourishes in South America and New Zealand, and indeed the fruit crops up in some of the cocktails served

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You can take the boy out of the five-star hotel but you can’t take the five-star hotel out of the boy! Erik Lorincz’s new bar, Kwãnt, operates to

Barfish image


Built to accompany Blowfish, the upscale Asian restaurant with which it shares an entrance, Barfish can easily be said to be the prettiest bar space in

Parque Central image

Parque Central

Havana's only five star hotel has a plethora of bars to choose from - it's conjoined with a new wing that is a distinct hotel in itself, but also serves

Morse Bar at the Randolph Hotel  image

Morse Bar at the Randolph Hotel

The Morse bar is named after a once-famous TV detective show set in Oxford. Several scenes were shot here and its wood-panelled walls are peppered with

Meat Mission image

Meat Mission

This Shoreditch offshoot of Meat Liquor takes over a former church hall in this cobbled square next to Hoxton Square. There's less graffiti and it feels

Ramblin Rascal Tavern image

Ramblin Rascal Tavern

There's only one place in Sydney where you'll find a horse head mask, an inflatable sex doll, a lucha libra mask and an Aboriginal flag all in one room,

The Botanist image

The Botanist

Another from the Tom and Ed Martin stable, the Botanist is slap-bang on Sloane Square. Named in honour of Sir Hans Sloane, a botanist, it is brightly decorated

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Aptly described by Jason Scott, one of its owners, as a drinking den-come-cocktail lounge. This dimly-lit semi-subterranean space, accessed down an innocuous

Alberto's Lounge image

Alberto's Lounge

In the no man's land that sits between the city and Surry Hills, dominated by unkempt carparks and gloomy office blocks, this late-night laneway diner

Red Light image

Red Light

Looking for Red Light can be a real challenge for those who have never visited before. Another speakeasy in the Bristol bar scene with a luminous red

Bitter Sweet image

Bitter Sweet

This visually stunning bar sits in a subterranean tunnel that was once home to the legendary Pinstripe Club. The intimate space is made to feel bigger

Flying Dutchmen Cocktails image

Flying Dutchmen Cocktails

For our review of Flying Dutchman, please see our Amsterdam’s 10 best cocktail bars page.

Le Lion - Bar de Paris image

Le Lion - Bar de Paris

Widely recognised as being one of the world's 20 best bars, Le Lion lies behind a locked door and buzzer system but is open to anyone who makes a reservation.

Wahaca Terrace image

Wahaca Terrace

If Mexican cuisine is generally still in 'junior school' in the UK (compared to the US, say, and of course Mexico itself) Thomasina Myers' Wahaca concept

Dry Martini & Speakeasy image

Dry Martini & Speakeasy

Dry Martini is something of a relic from a bygone era with its much used wooden bar and panelling aging gracefully. The service is also distinctly old

The Whisky Room image

The Whisky Room

The Whisky Room is upstairs from the Red Rock pub, and is a delightful little bar with clubby leather chesterfields, barrels for tables, with whisky paraphernalia

Bar Basso image

Bar Basso

This classic bar survives, practically untouched, since the late 1950s. It is where Mirko Stocchetto, the bar’s owner, created the Negroni Sbagliato

High Sushi Salsa image

High Sushi Salsa

Most visitors to Camden Lock looking for a drink at the water's edge in warmer weather will flock to an enormous Wetherspoon's pub. We prefer something

Bar Tabacco image

Bar Tabacco

Just down the road from Munich's ongoing Michael Jackson memorial at Promenadeplatz (no, us either!), Bar Tabacco's wood-panelled surroundings might suggest

The Bon Vivant image

The Bon Vivant

Defined as a person who enjoys the good things in life, especially food and drink, Bon Vivant is co-owned by Stuart McCluskey - enough said. Lying on

Shady Pines Saloon image

Shady Pines Saloon

Now, any set of notes which begin This is a fucking great bar! would normally be followed by a couple of pages of hieroglyphics and some rather, erm, soft

Holy Spirit image

Holy Spirit

Situated out in the Southern suburbs, this is by far the best bar in the area. Funky and colourful - both the bar and the cocktails they serve. Holy Spirit

Bread Street Kitchen  image

Bread Street Kitchen

We first visited Bread Street Kitchen when it launched and despite the opulent setting and an offering of two bars, the cocktails were below standard.

Brandy Library image

Brandy Library

The name hints at what to expect: wood, floor to ceiling book case-style shelves lined with brandies from around the world. The selection is incredible,

Artesian image


The Artesian is named after the 360 foot artesian well beneath the foundations of the hotel, which supplied the original hotel during its Victorian heyday.

CV Distiller image

CV Distiller

Huge collection of whiskies and rums. Simple classic cocktails. We've listed this as being in the central area - it is but it's also a short taxi ride

1105 Bar image

1105 Bar

Named after the postal code in which it resides, 1105 is what in American might be described as an 'ultra lounge', basically a micro nightclub with a disproportionately

Tio's Cerveceria image

Tio's Cerveceria

Whatever your drinking dilemma, it's likely Surry Hills' Tio's Cerveceria has the remedy. Cheap cocktails in the sun? Grab a seat at a new outdoor table

The Trap image

The Trap

Hidden down a narrow alleyway off the Syntagma Square, directly opposite the Grand Bratagne hotel. The entrance to the alley is next to Alpha Bank. Although

Bar Totti's image

Bar Totti's

Merivale's famed Italian joint has made the transition from Bondi to the CBD – fronting the Ivy Precinct on George Street with its wood-fired oven and