9 April

Finnberry Martini image

Today is Finnish Language Day

So we are drinking a...

Finnberry Martini

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“Hei! Tänään on Suomen kieli päivä, aika juhliaihana kirjaimet J ja K sekä lisätä pisteitä niin paljon vokaaleja kuin mahdollista.” Or, as we say in English, “Hello! Today is Finnish Language Day, a time to celebrate the wonderful letters J and K, and to add dots to as many vowels as possible.”

We have a bishop named Mikael Agricola to thank for the Finnish language. The first person to write the language down, he died on this day in 1557.

The Finnberry Martini, a berry martini starring Finland's signature Lapponia cloudberry liqueur, along with northern cranberries, makes the perfect tribute.

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