Hammer of the Gods

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There are approximately 138 calories in one serving of Hammer of the Gods.


Hammer of the Gods image

Serve in a

Boston & shot glass



How to make:

LAYER ingredients by carefully pouring into shot glass in the following order. IGNITE and hold pint glass upside down a few inches above the flame. Allow the drink to burn for thirty seconds or so before killing the flame, being sure to keep the pint glass in place. Instruct your subject to suck the alcohol vapour from the inverted pint glass using a bendy straw. Finally, remove the pint glass and let your subject consume the drink through the straw.

1 fl oz Tuaca Liqueur
1/2 fl oz La Fee Parisienne absinthe

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Killjoys would point out the dangers of fire and alcohol and observe that this is hardly 'responsible drinking'.


Created in the late 1990s by Dick Bradsell at The Player, London, UK.

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