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Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Patrón tequila has postponed their 6th annual Patrón Perfectionists Cocktail Competition until 2021 in a move to support the health and well-being of the global bartending community.

Matthew Sykes, the competition founder and senior director, global marketing for Patrón, commented, "The Patrón Perfectionists was launched with a vision to build a community of creative and passionate bartenders who could both push the boundaries of cocktail making and showcase artisanal tequila to consumers around the world.

"Today we are incredibly grateful for the number of amazing people who have become part of our Patrón familia and for their contribution and achievements in elevating the drinks experience for consumers, one drink at a time. Our vision and our commitment to the community remains unchanged and throughout this time we will be working to give back to bartenders and Perfectionists around the world."

Patrón Pantry Challenge

In March 2020, Canadian's 2019 Patrón Perfectionist Jared Schmidt challenged his fellow Perfectionists around the globe with the Patrón Pantry Challenge.

An opportunity to network with the wider Perfectionists community, Patrón Perfectionists gathered ingredients from their pantries to showcase cocktail creativity at home and shared their videos on social media platforms.

Explore a selection of Patrón Pantry Challenge videos.