Alisa Muraviova

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Alisa Muraviova


Sharing her passion for culture and flavours with people is the foundation of Alisa's love for bartending. Alisa moved to Russia from Ukraine 8 years ago to achieve this dream and express her artistic spirit through cocktail creations. Many of Alisa's projects and cocktails revolve around music as a way of bringing people together.

To her, the Patrón Perfectionists cocktail competition represents an inspirational story of people forming a community, caring for each other, for their craftsmanship and for their produce.

Alisa's Evocative Cocktail celebrates this union and these values with a vibrant and colourful mix that heroes the flavours, aromas and sounds that remind us of beautiful memories spent together. The ideal cocktail to be replicated at home for a get together.

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Winning cocktail: Evocative Cocktail
40ml Patrón Silver
90ml Lacto-fermented Grapefruit and Watermelon Juice
2ml Sweet chilli sauce
10ml Sparkling water
10ml Lemon juice
1 olive

Combine tequila, lacto-fermented grapefruit and watermelon juice, lemon juice, and sweet chilli in shaker. Put ice in shaker. Shake it softly. Take highball glass from freezer and put rectangular chunk of ice inside it. Add 10ml sparkling water into shaker and double strain cocktail into a glass. Garnish cocktail with lacto-fermented watermelon and olive.

For lacto-fermented grapefruit and watermelon juice:
1kg watermelon
1kg grapefruit
3 liters water
180 gram salt
200 gram sugar

Wash and cut watermelons and grapefruits. (You should cut each grapefruit into 4 parts) Put the grapefruit and watermelon pieces into a large jar. Make salt solution from salt ,sugar and water. Put water in jar with fruits.

Take small plate (diameter of plate should be smaller than neck of the jar) and put in. Put something heavy on top of the plate and put the jar in a warm place for 3 days. After 3 days you need to open the jar and remove the watermelon and grapefruit (necessarily to save salt solution). Squeeze juice from grapefruits. Cut off the skin of watermelon, leave one piece of watermelon for garnishing the drink, and put other pieces in juicer. Combine watermelon and grapefruit juice. Taste the juice mix and add salt solution to balance the final flavours.