Highland Moor

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Rocks glass...
fl oz Chartreuse Verte (Green Chartreuse) Liqueur
1 κορυφή Δεντρολίβανο (κορυφή)
1⅔ fl oz Caorunn Small Batch Scottish Gin
1⅙ fl oz Χυμός από lime
fl oz *Ειδικό συστατικό #1 (δείτε παρακάτω)
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POUR green chartreuse into glass over rosemary sprig, ignite and allow to burn for 5 seconds before covering glass to extinguish. SHAKE other ingredients with ice and fine strain into pre-prepared glass.

Special ingredient #1: Homemade rosemary sugar syrup


Rosemary sprig & apple slice flambéed with brown sugar

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Created in 2018 for Caorunn Gin by Sean Eden, Sweden.