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Canada Day image
1st July

Canada Day

Virtually every bar in Canada will be able to make you a Bloody Caesar which is pretty much Canada's national drink. It may seem odd that a drink invented

National Anisette Day image
2nd July

National Anisette Day

Today is National Anisette Day, an opportunity to celebrate this uniquely flavoured and colourless liqueur that's popular with our friends in the Med.

International Plastic Bag-Free Day image
3rd July

International Plastic Bag-Free Day

Today is International Plastic Bag-Free Day. A day to raise awareness of, and to fight against, the global catastrophe that is single-use plastic pollution.

20 best cocktails for Independence Day image
4th July

20 best cocktails for Independence Day

There's not many days more patriotic around the world than America's Independence Day. It's a celebration marking the day in 1776 when the Declaration

Happy Birthday NHS image
5th July

Happy Birthday NHS

Launched this day in 1948, today is the birthday of the greatest of all great British institutions, the NHS. The National Health Service provides a comprehensive

International Kissing Day image
6th July

International Kissing Day

Today has been declared a day for kissing, so grab your loved ones and pucker your lips, it's time to celebrate with a show of affection.

World Chocolate Day image
7th July

World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day is, as its name suggests, is celebrated globally every year on this day. However, this is confused by the United States, which in a

The Wall Street Journal's birthday image
8th July

The Wall Street Journal's birthday

The origins of the Wall Street Journal lie in a series of bulletins that were issued throughout the working day and delivered by hand to traders on the

Tom Hanks' birthday image
9th July

Tom Hanks' birthday

It's the birthday of Tom Hanks, star of a magnificent portfolio of movies including Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away and the Toy Story series.

Ημέρα της Piña Colada! image
10th July

Ημέρα της Piña Colada!

Σήμερα είναι η εθνική ημέρα της Piña Colada! Και επειδή πλέον, έπειτα από πολλά χρόνια, μπορείτε

Mojito Day image
11th July

Mojito Day

The internet powers-that-be have appointed 11th July Mojito Day - and who are we to argue? The Mojito is one Cuban classic that's just made for a hot summer's

The Rolling Stones' first gig image
12th July

The Rolling Stones' first gig

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Ian Stewart and Dick Taylor, billed as The Rollin' Stones, played their first gig on this day in 1962, at the

Hollywood Sign's birthday image
13th July

Hollywood Sign's birthday

Way back in 1923, a bunch of California realtors established a company to sell property up in the Hollywood Hills. At the then-astronomical cost of $21,000,

Bastille Day (La Fete Nationale) image
14th July

Bastille Day (La Fete Nationale)

Vive la Revolution. July 14th calls for a celebration of all things French, so roll out the croissant pastry, slice the baguette and fill the cheese platter

The discovery of Alaska image
15th July

The discovery of Alaska

On this day a Russian expedition, led by Aleksei Chirikov and Vitus Bering, became the first Europeans to reach Alaska. (Bering would give his name to

National Cherry Day image
16th July

National Cherry Day

Such National day celebrations tend to originate in America, but we're proud to report this fruity celebration is a British initiative, instigated by the

Punch Magazine's birthday image
17th July

Punch Magazine's birthday

Although it now only survives as a cartoon library and website, Punch was once one of the best-known magazines of all time - and one of the only successful

Hunter S. Thompson's birthday image
18th July

Hunter S. Thompson's birthday

The father of Gonzo journalism, sports writer, novelist, caner, and scourge of politicians and hypocrites, Hunter S. Thompson, of Fear and Loathing in

Daiquiri Day image
19th July

Daiquiri Day

Today bars the world over will be celebrating National Daiquiri Day, and as the original, non-slushified Daiquiri is one of our very favourite cocktails,

Men first walked on the moon image
20th July

Men first walked on the moon

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, two-thirds of the crew of the Apollo 11 mission, achieved this extraordinary feat on this day back in 1969, watched by

Legal Drinking Age Day image
21st July

Legal Drinking Age Day

You can drive a car, carry a gun, go to war, get married and have children but you can't purchase alcohol under the age of 21 in the USA – something

Anniversary of the Loch Ness Monster's fame image
22nd July

Anniversary of the Loch Ness Monster's fame

The sighting of the Loch Ness Monster by Mr and Mrs Spicer on this day in 1933 is our particular favourite as he was actually out of the loch.

Today is Haile Selassie's birthday image
23rd July

Today is Haile Selassie's birthday

Haile Selassie, African statesman, global icon and the last emperor of Ethiopia, was born today in 1892.

Ημέρα της Tequila image
24th July

Ημέρα της Tequila

Today is National Tequila Day in the USA, and so by extension simply Tequila Day in other agave loving countries. Bars around the world will be knocking

Admiral Nelson lost an arm image
25th July

Admiral Nelson lost an arm

Not only did Rear Admiral Horatio Nelson lose the Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife on this day in 1797, but he lost his arm as well.

Anniversary of Eva Peron's death image
26th July

Anniversary of Eva Peron's death

María Eva Duarte de Perón died on this day in 1952, aged 33, leaving in her wake a whole wealth of movies, musicals, Madonna songs, not to mention poems

Sleepy Head Day image
27th July

Sleepy Head Day

Oh, those crazy Finns! In Finland, today is Sleepy Head Day, when the last person still in bed in a house is awoken with a shock of cold water - either

Peruvian Independence Day image
28th July

Peruvian Independence Day

The next couple of days are huge in Peru as the nation gets two days off work to commemorate the country's liberation from the Spanish empire. On this

Van Gogh died image
29th July

Van Gogh died

One of the greatest painters of all time, Vincent Van Gogh, creator of Sunflowers, Irises and some haunting self-portraits, tragically shot himself on

Penguin Books' birthday image
30th July

Penguin Books' birthday

The paperback revolution began on this day in 1935 with the publication of ten Penguin books.

Black Tot Day image
31st July

Black Tot Day

On this day in 1970, the British Navy retired one of its longest-standing traditions – the midday rum ration, or tot.