6 November

National Nacho Day

Margarita on-the-rocks (Difford's recipe)

So we are drinking a...

Margarita on-the-rocks (Difford's recipe)

Not a fan of nachos? Then today is nacho lucky day! Yes, today is National Nacho Day, a day dedicated to those delicious fried tortilla chips that we love to smother in chilli, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and heaps of cheese. You'd be mad not to love them.

Nachos are the invention of Ignacio Anaya, who created them for his customers in 1941 at the Victory Club restaurant in Coahulia, a hop over the border from Texas. As legend has it, a group of women asked for a snack, so he sliced up some tortillas and covered them in cheese and jalapenos, and the famous tex-mex dish was born.

Nacho is actually a nickname for men named Ignacio. Other famous (albeit less tasty) Nachos include the Argentinian polo player Nacho Figueras and Nacho Libre, a fictitious character played by Jack Black in the film from 2006.

Mexicans are masters at creating irresistible cuisine, and the drinks to match. So, if you can't say no to a pile of nachos, swallowed down with a refreshing Margarita, don't worry – it's nacho fault.

It's also Hot Scotch & Lemon Day

Somebody somewhere, probably in America, decided today was "Hot Scotch & Lemon Day", and who are we to argue? Although we'd like to point out that such a combination of ingredients (a lemon slice, cloves, scotch whisky and boiling water) is known in enlightened drinking circles as a "Hot Toddy". So those in the know may prefer to refer to today as being "Hot Toddy Day".

Why today? Well, as those of us in the Northern Hemisphere move through Autumn we can see the leaves dropping from the trees and feel the weather inextricably moving towards winter, it is indeed a suitable time of year to reintroduce hot cocktails to our drinking repertoire. And what better place to start than with a Hot Toddy.

Why not today? Because as regular readers of Difford's Guide Cocktail of the Day will already know, the 11th of January is already far more widely recognised as being Hot Toddy Day. Well, no matter. It's a dame fine warming libation that should be enjoyed at least twice a year, so today we are drinking a Hot Toddy, or a "Hot Scotch & Lemon" if you prefer.

ency 90 image

Today is Gustavus Adolphus Day

Between taking the throne of Sweden aged just 16 and dying in battle this day in 1632, Gustavus Adolphus the Great transformed his nation from a little-known country to a major player on the European scene.

The military theorist Clausewitz listed him alongside Alexander the Great and Napoleon as one of the greatest generals of all time. Today Swedes, and people of Swedish heritage elsewhere in the world, commemorate his legacy, both as a general and as an educator. Why not join in the fun, with a Swedish Ale Punch, based on bourbon, beer and Sweden's national liqueur, Swedish Punch?

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