Crimbo Cocktail Calendar 6/24

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Next on our festive calendar, indulge in today's Crimbo cocktail made at this classic bar in Mayfair which boasts a beautiful Art Deco interior.

The Connaught Bar in London present their Christmas cocktail.

Sweet and Z

Created by: Ago Perrone, Giorgio Bargiani and the rest of the bartender team.
Glass: Champagne coupe glass
Garnish: Diamond of ice
Method: Stir all ingredients in mixing glass. Strain into glass over diamond of ice. Spray with grapefruit and basil essence.

30 ml Patron Reposado Tequila
30 ml Martini Rubino and Punt e Mes
30 ml Galliano L’Aperitivo
Cacao Cascara light cream
Galliano L’Autentico

A tribute to a pair of our regular guests who are utterly different, yet the very best of friends.

This cocktail is inspired by a foundation of the bar - the guests. It is based on a story of 2 guests that are completely different but the best of friends; one in fashion with a love of strong drinks like negroni, the other a quieter soul with a love of fine food and sweeter drinks, his favourite being golden Cadillac.

This drink is a tribute to them and although they are completely different the drink fuses/ harmonises both their lives with the bitterness of negroni and sweetness of the golden Cadillac - with a chocolate ring being element of connection. The ice is also a half diamond half sphere.

Difford’s Guide Crimbo Cocktail Calendar

1st December - Dead Rabbit's Crimbo cocktail
2nd December - Operation Dagger's Crimbo cocktail
3rd December - The Clumsies' Crimbo cocktail
4th December - Le Syndicat's Crimbo cocktail
5th December - American Bar's Crimbo cocktail

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