Open Bar Project

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Open Bar Project

With support from the co-creators of the first four Signature Mixers, Coca-Cola are looking to recruit imaginative, leading bartenders from around the globe to help create the next batch in their Signature Mixers range.

Coca-Cola Signature Mixers were first launched in May 2019, developed with the help of leading bartenders. Designed to be mixed with dark spirits, these Coca-Cola mixers come in four different expressions - smoky, spicy, woody and herbal.

Coca-Cola are in search of co-creators for their new batch of Signature Mixers, expanding their current mixer range for dark spirits.

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On 10th March 2020, Coca-Cola launch the Open Bar Project, where innovative and talented bartenders will be handpicked and invited by the original co-creators to put their signature on a bottle and help develop new Coca-Cola Signature Mixers.

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The selected co-creators will come together at a workshop to explore flavours and experiment with traditional and contemporary ingredients, with Classic Coca-Cola as the base.

Following the workshop, consumers will participate in the process and offer feedback on development to help the co-creators on their journey to finalising the new Signature Mixers products.

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After their collaborations and experimentation, Signature Mixers Open Bars pop-ups will appear in secret locations across Europe to further test the new mixers. Both those in the drinks industry and consumers will be invited to join the events to explore ways to mix dark spirits and learn the story behind the new batch of Coca-Cola Signature Mixers.

If you'd like more information on the new Signature Mixers, please email

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