Another one chance

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Another one chance

By Artem Talalay

We are observing two opposite poles of purchasing power and these poles are moving away from each other more and more.

At one pole, luxury, wealth and surplus in everything. On the other, a huge number of people living below the poverty line and poor people who cannot afford food and water at least 3 times a week.

Attempts to search for these simple attributes of life pushes people to unreasoned actions that can ruin the future not only for them, but also for the society around them.

Society in my city is only at the first stage of learning the basics of ZERO WASTE culture.

I have long learned to have food in my home in the refrigerator only for the evening and morning of the next day and not throw away spoiled excess. But it is not enough to solve the problem only at home.

Once in the markets where I buy local ingredients for my cocktail as for me, using local products is one of the main basics of zero waste, I watched the sellers throw out good but looking bad berries, fruits and vegetables.

As part of the Better Drink program, my team and I developed and launched a social project that united bars in our city and aimed at improving people's lives.

Every evening we collect "unusable" products and make cocktails with them. We donate money from the products for which we did not pay a ruble to help African families whose children dream of playing football, getting an education, food and water.

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Another One Chance

Glass: Highball Glass - Nude Finesse
Garnish: Chips with paprika
Method: Pour vodka (chilled to -14 -17°C), syrup chili & honey and cordial tomato water with strawberries into a chilled glass filled with ice. Mix and top with ice. Add garnish.

40ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
70ml Cordial tomato water with strawberries
30ml Chili syrup and honey

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