Bartender's Promise

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Bartender's Promise

By Burak Turkkan

Our horizon reaches beyond the world but there are still very basic problems and they cannot be solved if everyone does their part. I thought about the positive impact that I can create. I got inspiration from #AskforAngela project which started in the UK. In this regard, I started the project named "Bartender's Promise."

I would like to make nightlife safer for women who feel stressed in our bars. I also aim to draw attention to arguments arising upon withdrawal of Turkey from İstanbul Convention in 2021, I feel obliged to start this project in my country due to these circumstances. I designed my cocktail named "Bartender's Promise" as a tool for communication for distressed guests in my bar.

Information regarding the project will be held in restrooms where guests can access it privately. It can be basic as adding an ingredient or subtracting it, maybe different solutions regarding the venues and besides will be our secret. My project will kick-start in cocktail bars Joker19 and Joker05 located in the most crowded districts of Istanbul.

Although I couldn't be able to implement the projects in different venues, I gave training about our action plan and other relevant training modules to 42 different bartenders working in four different venues regarding the project, in order to activate it after the COVID restrictions in Turkey.

By using various profit percentages of my cocktail which we decide with participant venues I also plan to use the funds for creating awareness for my project and also I want to contribute to woman collectives. I hope to play my part for creating an impact for safer nightlife.

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Bartender's Promise Cocktail

Glass: Nude Finesse (on the rocks)
Garnish: Peaches
Method: Stir!
40ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
30ml Tomato infused Belsazar Dry vermouth
15ml Fraise eau-de-vie
15ml Crème de pêche liqueur

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