Be World Class. Plant a Tree

Be World Class. Plant a Tree

By Dominik Oswald

Representing: Austria

"The Diageo World Class Competition gave me the opportunity to start my "Garnished with Good" Community Project "Be World Class, Plant a tree" in cooperation with the Jane Goodall Institute Austria. 

The Climate crisis affects all of us, no matter where we come from. Every single one of us should do his bit to support the environment. If we manage to plant 440 trees per person, we have a chance to stop this crisis. Big thought, I know, but we need to start now. 

More than 20 bars and restaurants all over Austria are supporting my project already. On one day for each drink sold with Ketel One Vodka a fruit tree will be planted in Uganda and Burundi, creating jobs, forming generations of knowledge and supporting the environment. 

I created a fresh Highball with a milky touch of honey based on Ketel One Vodka for our daz at Hammond Bar. 

My partners and I are serving our drinks with a card on the side. On this card, I explain my project in more detail to give my guests a good feeling of already doing a good deed by simply ordering this drink.
In the next years, I want to connect bars worldwide and create one day a year where we are all together mixing drinks and planting a lot of trees against the climate crisis.

We, the hospitality industry, are a global community with the power to make a difference. 
Drink sustainable. Drink responsible. Drink passionate."

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Plant a tree

Garnish: A tree will be planted for each cocktail served
Method: Build in glass

50ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
50 ml Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water
50 ml Honey Milk punch

To make Milk punch:
500ml Runny Honey (250ml water and 250ml honey) honey from "Augarten Honig" in Vienna
100ml lemon juice
400ml milk
Let it rest for 24 hours until it is clarified and strain through a cheese cloth.