Beeing Project

Beeing Project

By Vincenzo Pagliara

Representing: Italy

"What do we do wrong every day that affects the world around us? How reverse those effects?

Beeing Project It's a bilateral project that allows a bar to contribute to its community by supporting small local producers and businesses, to be an example of synergy with different realities operating in the social sector. Want to represent the beginning of a social activation that every bar or restaurant and even guests that work and live with ethics and care can replicate.

Bars are places of aggregation, they are energies that actively interact also with the external environment. The bar undertakes to use the percentage from the sales of the thematic menu to buy a Beeing hive for a local association that operates in the social sector for educational purposes or to become a hub where training courses are held for young people to recover in society, the idea is to give a new light to the role of bars within small communities, motivating bartenders to "give", this could solve the phenomenon of the last two years of shortage of workers in hospitality.

By promoting the expansion of the B-Box and educational hives, the food and beverage industry can contribute to creating more sustainable cities, helping the repopulation of bees and protecting terrestrial biodiversity in the community in which they live.

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Beeing, Easy Drink

Glassware: Osteria Glass
Garnish: Ash Paper
Method: Mix all the ingredients together and pour into a wine bottle and keep it in the fridge. Pour into a chilled Osteria glass.

35 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
85 ml Beeing Mix

To make Beeing Mix:
60g Saffron & Apple Verjus
30g Community Kvass
0,5g Terroir honey

For Saffro & apple verjus:
1kg unripe "annurca apples"
1kg green apples
Citric and Malic acids
Cold press 1kg of unripe "mela annurca", a local apple from Napoli area, and 1kg of green apples
Once the juice is obtained, clarify with a V60 and then blend 70% of apple mix to 30% of water.
Add 1% of citric acid and 0,5% of malic acid adjusting the acidity

For Community Kvass:
1000g water
300g leftover local sourdough mixed bread
10g bee pollen
150g mead
5g caster sugar
Mix all the ingredients in a glass jar mixing them for few times, add the bread and then leave it to ferment at 25° for 48h, once is slightly fermented, strain the mixture through a cheesecloth, bottle and keep refrigerated."