By Alicja Bączyk

Representing: Poland

"Poland is one of the most polluted countries in the EU. In December, Cracow, the city where I live, had the worst air quality of any major city in the world.

We live in an unhealthy environment, and until we all join forces to fight air pollution, nothing will change.

I created my cocktail to inspire bartenders to take matters into their own hands. The ingredients I choose for my cocktails could become extinct if we do not change the level of air pollution. We do not want to forget how honey and strawberries taste.

Furthermore, I want to share my knowledge on how to fix broken glass in our bars which reduces carbon footprint. I did workshops on how to do it for our TNT cocktail bar collective where we exchange our ideas and together develop our local cocktail culture.

I would like to donate 10% from each cocktail to organizations that help to increase public awareness of the smog problem and support the impoverished by replacing heating systems with newer better ones.

The prize would help me to organize more workshops for bartenders where I will share my knowledge on fixing glass and also how our community can help in reducing air pollution.

Because we all want to enjoy nature and the good it gives us. We want to live in a healthy environment. We want to breathe.

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Glassware: Nick & Nora glass repaired with Kintsugi art
Garnish: None
Method: Stir

30 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
60 ml Strawberry-buckwheat honey-citrus hops cordial

To make Strawberry-buckwheat honey-citrus hops cordial:
200 g strawberries
200 g buckwheat honey
200 g water
2 g citra hops

2 hours / 50 degrees / SV / then filter

Combine each 50 ml of strawberry-buckwheat honey- citra hops syrup with 10 ml of acid solution (made with 940g water, 40g citric acid, and 20g malic acid)."