By Dianna Alejandra Bernal

Representing: Colombia

"Did you know that we only consume 20% of the coffee fruit? That is the seed of the fruit. The rest corresponds largely to what is called mucilage and is used as fertilizer or discarded, causing damage to water tributaries.

"Caficultor" is a cocktail with an interest in helping the coffee farms, made with concentrated mucilage and garnished with a chip of the same product. Ketel One inspired this project, due to the use of wheat that does not affect the environment. With the same idea, I want to contribute to agriculture and gastronomy in my country. I found in the mucilage, interesting flavours and ways of using it, that can contribute to the profitability of those who grow coffee and reuse their waste. Giving this by-product the opportunity it deserves is a good start for making full use of the coffee cherry. 

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Glass: Collins
Garnish: Coffee mucilago Chip painted with gold powder
Method: Add ingredients to a pre-chilled collins glass. Stir with a bar spoon and add ice. Add 65 ml of cold Soda in gently stir.

50 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
35 ml Blackberry coffee mucilago cordial
1 ml kafir lime tincture
65 ml Cold Soda

To make Blackberry coffee mucilago cordial:
60g blackberry juice ( juiced in a centrifugal juicer)
60g white sugar
15g of coffee mucilago
2g citric acid

In a pan mix all the ingredients and heat it until all the sugar is dissolved."