Circles Project

Circles Project

By Vinicius Demian

Representing: Brazil

"The juice from the oranges used to make the cordial is not used in my bar. So, thinking about making this return to our community I decided to bottle the juice and send it to a project here in Sao Paulo called "Gente é pra ser feliz, não pra morrer de fome" from Rodrigo Oliveira's restaurant (Mocotó).

This project delivers lunchboxes daily to homeless and vulnerable people. So, we send the juice to increase their impact and to contribute to the project that helps the community to escape hunger. The neighbouring bars are joining the project to make it bigger. And for each cocktail sold, 1 BRL will be donated to Diageo's Project "Learning For Life" which supports the professional training of young adults in vulnerable situations.

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Glass: Old-fashioned
Garnish: Orange pectin tuille
Method: Throw all ingredients with ice and strain into glass over a 60mm x 50mm 'square' of ice.

30 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
60 ml Orange Cordial

To make Orange Cordial:
500g water
329g orange pectin
100g apple vinegar
250g honey
45g orange peel
9g malic acid
50g demerara sugar
5g fleur de sel

Add all the ingredients to a Thermomix. Mix for 20 minutes at 75 degrees on speed. Strain the mixture and bottle it.

Garnish Method:
Add what's left after the filtration (the leftovers) into a dehydrator for 4-hour at 70 degrees."