Cleaner & Greener

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Cleaner & Greener

By Dhody Dwi Prakoso
United Arab Emirates

A study from YouGov; market research company found that at 32% the U.A.E was one of the top countries re: food waste. Coupled with the global issue of water contamination from chemicals such as sanitizers we have two problems that can be combatted through better consumer choices.

With 'cleaner & greener' we offer an approach to repurposing food waste, by turning this environmental issue into an innovative solution helping to both fight water contamination and reuse wastage while educating the public.

'Cleaner and greener' is a platform of educational, consumer-based cocktail masterclasses centered around Ketel One signature serves during which waste citrus and fruits from the drinks are used to create organic, chemical-free sanitizers inspired by the cocktails. E.g Dutch mule: Ginger and lime sanitizer.

The organic cleaner is made from infused vinegar and leftover cocktail ingredients (typically citrus peel etc) this delivers an environmentally friendly, low-cost, fragrant and effective solution.

-    White distilled vinegar
-    Peel from fruits/vegetables
-    Large glass jar
-    Spray bottle
-    Fine strainer & cheesecloth

Directions: Infuse vinegar with ingredients for 1-3 weeks, strain thoroughly and decant into the spray bottle diluting with equal parts water.
This can be used to clean everything including but not limited to kitchen counter, sinks, bathroom, stainless steel appliances and more without worrying of cross-contamination and water pollution.

Importantly this project is scalable, accessible and adaptable to remote/distanced learning.

Remember, the best for us must be best for our planet. Think cleaner, think greener!

Re & Up Spritz

Glass: Wine and Flute Glasses - Mode Goblet
Garnish: Rosemary & two olivea on a cocktail stick
Method: Chill the mode goblet wine glass
Put block ice 5x5
Pour all ingredients from 1 - 5
Stir vertically to mix the ingredients
Garnish with rosemary & skewered olive

40ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
15ml Dolin Dry vermouth
30ml Orange & ginger cordial
30ml Soda water
30ml Rosemary & olive tonic

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